TOPIC: Mmoexp -Franchise mode has been completely ignored
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With EA's insistence on including a terribly written story mode with Madden 22 coins paper thin narratives into their sports games Madden's could be the worst of them all. In a game that permits the player to make choices which affect the storyline of the game it's like the same scenario could occur despite having wildly different choices, adding to the list of things that don't have any logic in the game.

All the voices of actors were recorded, and the animations are horrible. Some parts of the voice acting are not there, where characters speak clearly , yet make no noise.

Though there is a lot of issues with the moves that players are able to pull off, especially the frustrating lag of the kick meter, there are a few new additions that are exciting to perform. The side dead leg, side hurl, and dead leg are two brand new moves that aid in battling defense. This increases the number of options to make the defender fail. With these new moves, the gameplay is slightly less monotonous as is something was desperately needed by the game.

Franchise mode has been completely ignored and it's exactly the same as the previous year's Madden that was very similar to the previous year. EA hasn't even taken the time to alter the layout of the mode therefore if this was a game mode that has made players fall in the last year's Madden there's really no reason to spend $60 for the new version. This is a part of the game which has been left virtually unaltered for the past two years, and it's a blow in the face to people who purchase the game. It's such shady tactics that makes a lot of EA sports games so bad.

Many of the series' problems on the field have actually been addressed very well for example, run defense in which it was too difficult to stop in the previous entry, but it's seen a tenfold improvement here. Field tackles that are open are animated better and buy Madden nfl 22 coins have less ridiculous tackles.
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